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concerto a piece of music for one or more solo instruments and an orchestra.
concession an act or instance of yielding or conceding. [4 definitions]
conch a sea animal with a soft body and a large, spiral shell. Conches are carnivorous mollusks that eat smaller mollusks such as clams. Several kinds of conches live in warm parts of the ocean all around the world. Conches are closely related to snails. [2 definitions]
concise saying much in a few words; short and to the point.
conclude to bring to an end; finish or complete. [2 definitions]
conclusion an ending, result, or outcome. [2 definitions]
concoct to make by putting together a number of parts or ingredients. [2 definitions]
concoction a mixture of different things that someone has put together in an innovative way. A concoction is often an unusual mixture of liquids.
concrete able to be seen and touched; real. [3 definitions]
concur to share the same opinion; agree.
concussion a violent shaking or heavy blow; shock. [2 definitions]
condemn to call wrong, evil, or inadequate; strongly disapprove of. [3 definitions]
condensation the act or process of changing from a gas to a liquid. [2 definitions]
condense to make smaller or less in volume; make more closely packed together; concentrate. [4 definitions]
condiment something used to give extra flavor to food that has already been prepared. Popular condiments are ketchup and mustard.
condition a state of being or existence. [7 definitions]
condominium an apartment building in which each apartment is owned by the persons living in it. Each of these apartments is also called a condominium.
condor one of two kinds of vultures that are the largest flying birds of the Western Hemisphere. They have a bald head and neck, dark feathers, and can measure twelve feet across when they spread their wings.
conduct the way one acts; behavior. [5 definitions]
conductor the leader of a musical group. [3 definitions]
cone a solid figure with a flat base in the shape of a circle and one curved face that narrows into a point. [3 definitions]