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context the setting of a word or phrase in speaking or writing that determines or affects its meaning. Context can be pictures, sounds, other words, or physical surroundings.
continent one of the earth's seven major areas of land. The continents are Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
continental shelf the edge of a continent that is below water. Just beyond the continental shelf lies a steep slope leading down to the ocean floor.
continual going on without stopping.
continue to keep happening or being; to last for a long time. [4 definitions]
continuing still going on or happening; not over.
continuous going on without pausing or stopping; not broken.
contour the outline of a figure or surface; shape.
contract an agreement that is supported by the law. [6 definitions]
contraction an act of contracting. [2 definitions]
contractor a person who signs an agreement to carry out a particular job at a certain price and also to supply necessary things for the job. A contractor often hires, supervises, and pays other people to help or to do the work. A person in charge of building or repairing a house is often a contractor.
contradict to say the opposite of; deny the truth of.
contradictory being in conflict with or opposite to something else or each other. [2 definitions]
contrary completely different; opposite. [3 definitions]
contrast to compare in order to make differences clear. [4 definitions]
contribute to give for a purpose. [2 definitions]
contribution the act of contributing. [2 definitions]
contrive to plan in a clever way; invent.
control to use power to manage or command. [6 definitions]
control tower a tower at an airport. Air traffic is directed by radios in the control tower.
controversial causing arguments.