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cupful the amount that fills one cup; cup.
Cupid the god of love in Roman mythology.
curb a raised rim where a street meets the edge of the sidewalk. [3 definitions]
curd (sometimes plural) a soft, thick substance taken from milk. Curds can be eaten or made into cheese.
curdle to turn into curd.
cure something that makes a sick person healthy or well. [4 definitions]
curfew a rule or law that sets a time after which everyone must be off the street and inside for the night. Curfews sometimes apply only to a particular group, such as young people.
curiosity the desire to learn or know. [2 definitions]
curious eager to learn or know. [2 definitions]
curl to make into coils or rings. [6 definitions]
curl up to get into a comfortable sitting or lying position.
curly having curls or tending to curl.
currant a small raisin with no seeds. [2 definitions]
currency the money that is used in a country. [2 definitions]
current of or happening in the present time. [4 definitions]
currently at the present time; now.
curriculum the courses offered at a school or in a particular area of study.
curse a statement of a wish that something bad will happen to someone or something. [6 definitions]
cursor a movable marker on a computer screen. The cursor shows where to click on an icon or where letters or numbers can be typed in.
curt rudely short or brief in speech.
curtain a piece of cloth hung in a window or other opening to shut out light or to cover something. [4 definitions]