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Democratic Party one of the two major U.S. political parties.
Democratic Republic of the Congo a country in Central Africa that is north of Angola and south of the Republic of the Congo. The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is Kinshasa.
demolish to tear down or destroy.
demon an evil spirit; devil. [2 definitions]
demonstrate to explain or describe, especially by modeling or using many examples. [4 definitions]
demonstration an activity that shows how something works or how it is made. [2 definitions]
demonstrative showing love and affection in an open way.
den the resting place of wolves, lions, and other large wild animals. [2 definitions]
denial a statement that something is false. [2 definitions]
denim a strong cotton cloth used in clothing. [2 definitions]
Denmark a country in northern Europe. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.
denomination a religious group or division. [2 definitions]
denominator the number in a fraction that is below the division line. It shows the number of equal parts into which the whole set is divided.
denote to be a mark or sign of. [2 definitions]
denounce to speak out against. [2 definitions]
dense having parts very close together with little space between. [2 definitions]
density the state or condition of having parts very close together with little space between.
dent1 a small hollow made in a surface by or as if by pressure or a blow. [2 definitions]
dental of or related to the teeth. [2 definitions]
dental floss a strong thread, covered with wax, used for removing food from between the teeth.
dentine the bony material underneath the enamel of a tooth that forms the main part of the tooth. Dentine is sensitive to heat, cold, and touch.