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dependence the condition of relying on another for help, or to provide what one needs.
dependent relying on another for help or to provide what one needs. [3 definitions]
depict to show, describe, or portray in a painting, sculpture, or written work.
deport to make a person leave a country.
deposit to hand over to a bank or other safe place. [6 definitions]
depot a bus or train station. [2 definitions]
depress to cause to be unhappy or in low spirits.
depression a mood of unhappiness and low spirits that can last a long time and cannot always be explained. [4 definitions]
deprive to take away from; not allow to have.
depth the condition or quality of being deep. [2 definitions]
deputy a person appointed to assist and sometimes act in the place of someone else.
derby a horse race run every year and limited to three-year-old horses. [2 definitions]
derivation act of process of deriving or coming from. [3 definitions]
derive to obtain from a particular source (usually followed by "from"). [2 definitions]
derrick a machine for lifting and moving heavy loads. It has a center beam that does not move and a long arm that turns around the base. [2 definitions]
descend to move downward or to a lower position. [4 definitions]
descendant one who comes from a given ancestor or ancestors.
descent the act or process of going downward. [2 definitions]
describe to tell or write about; create a picture of in words.
description the act of using words to tell others what something is or was like. [3 definitions]
descriptive using or full of description.