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design to make or draw plans for the structure or form of. [5 definitions]
designate to point out or name. [3 definitions]
designated hitter a member of an American League baseball team who is chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
designer a person who makes or draws plans for creating something, especially physical objects or structures.
desirable having good, valuable, or useful qualities that people want. [2 definitions]
desire to want or wish for. [3 definitions]
desk a piece of furniture with drawers and a flat surface used for reading and writing. [2 definitions]
desktop the flat, upper working surface of a desk. [2 definitions]
desktop publishing the creation and preparation of text and graphics for publishing using small computers.
desolate without the things that are necessary or desirable for life. [3 definitions]
despair the complete lack of hope. [2 definitions]
desperate not caring about danger because of great need. [3 definitions]
desperation the feeling or condition of being desperate or without hope.
despise to hate or scorn.
despite in spite of; regardless of.
dessert a sweet food served at the end of a meal.
destination the place to which a person is going or goods or baggage are sent.
destine to assign to or send toward a particular place, end, or purpose. [2 definitions]
destiny that which has happened or must happen to someone because of fate or luck.
destitute having no money or other means of living.
destroy to ruin completely.