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developmental of or having to do with how someone or something develops from the earliest stages. [2 definitions]
deviate to turn away from a direct course or one that has already been set. [2 definitions]
device an invention or machine used to perform simple tasks or something else made for a specific purpose. [2 definitions]
devil (often capitalized) the chief spirit of evil in Christianity. The Devil is the master of Hell and enemy of God; Satan. [3 definitions]
devious not open or honest.
devise to invent or think out.
devote to give to a purpose; dedicate. [2 definitions]
devoted true or loyal.
devotion strong affection or loyalty.
devour to eat or swallow in a greedy way. [3 definitions]
devout devoted to religion. [2 definitions]
dew little drops of water that collect at night on grass, plants, and other cool surfaces.
dewlap a loose fold of skin below the neck of cattle, dogs, and certain other animals.
dexterity grace and easy quickness in using the hands or body; skill.
diabetes a disease in which there is too much blood sugar. People with diabetes are treated with insulin, which the body needs to use sugar properly.
diabetic of or resulting from diabetes. [2 definitions]
diabolic very evil; devilish.
diagnosis the act or process of finding out the nature of an illness or injury by examining its signs and symptoms. [2 definitions]
diagonal joining one corner to the opposite corner of a square, rectangle, or other flat shape with straight sides. [2 definitions]
diagram a drawing or plan that shows the parts of something or how the parts work together. [2 definitions]
dial a disk that has numbers and a moving pointer that shows time, weight, speed, or some other measure. [6 definitions]