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diplomat a person whose job is to handle relations with the governments of other countries. [2 definitions]
diplomatic of or relating to diplomats. [2 definitions]
dipper a cup with a long handle used to lift liquids. [2 definitions]
dire causing, likely to cause, or involving terror or suffering. [2 definitions]
direct to give instructions that lead or guide. [9 definitions]
direct current an electric current that flows in one direction.
direction control or guidance. [4 definitions]
directly in a direct line or way; straight. [3 definitions]
direct object the part of a sentence that shows the object, goal, or receiver of the action of a verb. "The ball" in "She kicked the ball" is a direct object.
director a person who guides the affairs of a business or other organization. [2 definitions]
directory a list of names and addresses of people or businesses.
dirigible an airship that can be steered or guided, such as a blimp.
dirt loose earth or soil. [2 definitions]
dirty not clean; soiled. [6 definitions]
dis- a prefix that means "not" or "lack of." [2 definitions]
disability the condition or state of being unable to do certain things, especially when caused by an injury, illness, or other medical condition. [2 definitions]
disable to take away a person's ability. [2 definitions]
disabled not working. [2 definitions]
disadvantage a condition or situation that makes it more difficult to succeed. [2 definitions]
disagree to differ in opinion. [3 definitions]
disagreeable causing dislike; not pleasant. [2 definitions]