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discipline training of the body or mind to bring about good performance and good behavior. [7 definitions]
disc jockey a person whose job is to play recorded music on the radio or for an event such as a dance.
disclose to make known; tell. [2 definitions]
disco a place for dancing to recorded music. [2 definitions]
discomfort a condition of being uneasy or in pain.
disconnect to break off or stop the connection of or between. [2 definitions]
discontented not satisfied or content; unhappy.
discontinue to stop or put an end to.
discord lack of agreement or harmony among people or things; conflict. [2 definitions]
discount to take away from a cost or price. [3 definitions]
discourage to cause to lose hope or confidence. [2 definitions]
discourteous not having or showing good manners; not polite; rude.
discover to find or see before anyone else. [2 definitions]
discovery the act of discovering. [2 definitions]
discriminate to judge or treat someone unfairly because he or she belongs to a particular group or category of people (usually followed by "against"). [2 definitions]
discrimination the act of seeing or sensing differences between things. [2 definitions]
discus a disk made of wood with a metal rim, thrown for distance by some track and field athletes. [2 definitions]
discuss to talk together about. [2 definitions]
discussion the act or an instance of talking or writing about something.
disease a condition that causes harm to the health of a person, animal, or plant; illness; sickness.
disfavor an opinion that is not favorable; dislike or disapproval.