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dish up to put (food) into a dish in order to serve.
dishwasher a person who washes dishes as a job. [2 definitions]
disillusion to take away false beliefs or hopes; remove the illusions of.
disinfect to clean in order to kill or remove germs.
disinfectant something that kills germs.
disintegrate to come apart; break down into parts or pieces. [2 definitions]
disinterested not having a personal interest in or opinion about something.
disk any thin, flat, round object, or one that appears flat and round. [3 definitions]
diskette see "floppy disk."
dislike to have a feeling of not liking; have objections to. [2 definitions]
dislocate to put out of proper place.
dislodge to remove or force out of a fixed position.
dismal full of gloom; sad.
dismantle to tear down; take apart.
dismay to trouble or upset the hopes of. [4 definitions]
dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [3 definitions]
dismount to get down from a horse or vehicle.
disobedient refusing to obey; naughty.
disobey to fail or refuse to obey.
disorder lack of order or arrangement. [3 definitions]
disorderly not orderly or neat. [2 definitions]