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dissect to cut open or apart in order to examine. [2 definitions]
dissent to disagree with an opinion or belief held by many others. [2 definitions]
dissident not agreeing with or opposed to the opinions of others or the power of some group or organization. [2 definitions]
dissolve to mix completely with liquid. [5 definitions]
distance the measure of space between things, places, or points in time. [3 definitions]
distant far away in time or space. [3 definitions]
distasteful not to one's liking; unpleasant.
distemper a disease that infects mostly dogs, but also cats and horses. Distemper causes fever, loss of appetite, and breathing difficulties.
distinct different or set apart; separate (sometimes followed by "from"). [3 definitions]
distinction a mark or feature that makes someone or something different. [3 definitions]
distinctive serving to set apart or mark as distinct or unusual.
distinguish to tell apart by seeing differences (often followed by "from"). [4 definitions]
distinguished known for excellence; admired. [2 definitions]
distort to twist out of shape; change the way a thing looks or acts. [2 definitions]
distract to draw away the attention of. [2 definitions]
distress worry, pain, or suffering, or anything that causes suffering. [3 definitions]
distribute to divide into parts and give out to each of several people or groups. [2 definitions]
distribution the act of distributing. [2 definitions]
distributive property in mathematics, a characteristic of numbers that allows you to multiply a group of numbers and get the same answer you would get if you multiplied each member of the group and then combined the answers. For example, 4 x (8 + 1 + 5) is equal to (4 x 8) + (4 x 1) + (4 x 5).
district an area of a country, city, or other place used for a particular purpose. [2 definitions]
District of Columbia an area on the Maryland side of the Potomac River that contains only the U.S. capital city of Washington. (abbreviation: DC)