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diverse of different kinds or sorts. [2 definitions]
diversion an act or instance of turning aside. [2 definitions]
diversity the state or condition of being diverse. [2 definitions]
divert to turn aside or away from something. [3 definitions]
divide to separate into parts. [5 definitions]
dividend the number to be divided by another number in math equations. [2 definitions]
divine of, from, or having to do with a god or gods. [2 definitions]
diving board a springy board that is fixed to a stand and reaches out over water, used for diving.
divisible able to be divided into equal parts without anything left over.
division the act of dividing or separating into parts. [6 definitions]
divisor the number in an arithmetic problem by which another number is to be divided.
divorce the ending of a marriage as recognized by law. [3 definitions]
dizzy having a feeling of spinning around and being about to lose one's balance. [4 definitions]
DJ a person who plays recorded music and makes announcements or comments on the radio or at an event.
Djibouti an East African country bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The capital of Djibouti is also called Djibouti.
DMV the government office of each state that issues drivers' licenses and makes driving regulations. DMV is an abbreviation for Department of Motor Vehicles.
DNA a substance found in cells that contains information about the characteristics of a living thing. DNA plays a part in the passing on of characteristics from parent to offspring. DNA is an abbreviation for "deoxyribonucleic acid."
do1 to carry out; perform. [10 definitions]
do2 the syllable that indicates the first or last tone of a musical scale.
do away with to get rid of or stop; no longer continue. [2 definitions]
Doberman pinscher a breed of dog. Doberman pinschers have short, smooth, black hair with tan markings and are used as guard dogs.