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distrust to lack faith or confidence in; to doubt. [2 definitions]
disturb to interrupt, especially by making noise. [3 definitions]
disturbance an act or instance of disturbing. [2 definitions]
ditch a long narrow opening in the ground used to drain away or supply water. [2 definitions]
ditto the same as said or written before.
dive to plunge or move downward rapidly, usually head or front first. [5 definitions]
diver a person who dives into water from a board or platform. [2 definitions]
diverse of different kinds or sorts. [2 definitions]
diversion an act or instance of turning aside. [2 definitions]
diversity the state or condition of being diverse. [2 definitions]
divert to turn aside or away from something. [3 definitions]
divide to separate into parts. [5 definitions]
dividend the number to be divided by another number in math equations. [2 definitions]
divine of, from, or having to do with a god or gods. [2 definitions]
diving board a springy board that is fixed to a stand and reaches out over water, used for diving.
divisible able to be divided into equal parts without anything left over.
division the act of dividing or separating into parts. [6 definitions]
divisor the number in an arithmetic problem by which another number is to be divided.
divorce the ending of a marriage as recognized by law. [3 definitions]
dizzy having a feeling of spinning around and being about to lose one's balance. [4 definitions]
DJ a person who plays recorded music and makes announcements or comments on the radio or at an event.