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draw the line to set a limit.
draw up to prepare by putting into writing. [2 definitions]
dread to be very afraid of. [4 definitions]
dreadful causing great fear; terrible. [2 definitions]
dreadlocks a hairstyle in which the hair is worn in long, twisted strands.
dream a series of pictures or visions that a sleeping person experiences. [6 definitions]
dreamt a past tense and past participle of "dream".
dream up to use one's imagination to create ideas or solutions.
dreary gloomy, sad, or dull.
dredge1 a piece of equipment used to clear solid matter from the bottom of a body of water. [2 definitions]
dregs solid matter that sinks to the bottom of drinks such as wine or coffee. [2 definitions]
drench to soak, or wet completely.
dress a piece of clothing usually worn by girls or women. A dress has a top or blouse connected to a skirt. [7 definitions]
dresser2 a piece of furniture with drawers or shelves for holding clothing or other items.
dressing a sauce for certain foods. [3 definitions]
dress rehearsal the last full rehearsal of a play or other production before performance, done in full costume.
dress up to dress in fancy or formal clothes.
drew past tense of draw.
dribble to drip or flow slowly in drops. [3 definitions]
dried having had all the water or moisture removed. [2 definitions]
drier2 a comparative of dry.