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emission the act of emitting.
emit to send out or give off. [2 definitions]
emoticon (from emotion icon) a small icon made of punctuation characters and letters that is placed in an e-mail; smiley. An emoticon shows the mood of the writer, such as :-( and :-D
emotion a strong feeling such as joy, hatred, sorrow, or fear. When one feels an emotion, there are physical changes such as an increase in pulse, crying, or trembling. [2 definitions]
emotional having to do with the feelings, including how one feels about oneself in relation to others. [3 definitions]
emperor the male ruler of an empire.
emphasis special importance. [2 definitions]
emphasize to give particular attention to; stress.
empire a group of nations or peoples under one ruler or government.
employ to make use of; use. [2 definitions]
employee someone who works for a person or business in return for pay.
employer a person or business that pays others to work.
employment an instance or act of employing. [3 definitions]
empower to give legal rights or authority to. [2 definitions]
empowerment the act of granting rights or legal authority to people within a society. [2 definitions]
empress the female ruler of an empire. [2 definitions]
empty holding or containing nothing; without the usual contents. [7 definitions]
emu a large bird with long legs that runs very fast but can not fly. Emus live in Australia.
enable to give means or power to; make able; allow.
enact to make into a law. [2 definitions]
enamel a smooth, shiny coating baked onto metal, glass, or pottery. Enamel is used for protection or decoration. [4 definitions]