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experienced knowing a lot about something as a result of practice or experience.
experiment a carefully planned test used to discover something unknown. [2 definitions]
experimental having to do with testing or experiments. [2 definitions]
expert someone who knows a great deal about a particular thing. [3 definitions]
expertise expert knowledge or skill.
expiration a coming to an end or close. [2 definitions]
expire to come to an end. [3 definitions]
explain to make clear in speech or writing; show in detail. [3 definitions]
explain away to make less important by explaining.
explanation the act or process of making clear in speech or writing.
explicit said or written in a clear and direct way.
explode to burst because of too much pressure inside. [3 definitions]
exploit1 a deed of daring or courage.
exploit2 to make full use of and gain from. [2 definitions]
exploration the act of investigating or examining. [2 definitions]
explore to travel across or through in order to discover or search for something. [2 definitions]
explorer a person who explores an area that is not known.
explosion the act of bursting or the noise made by bursting. [2 definitions]
explosive able to cause an explosion. [3 definitions]
export to send to another country to sell. [2 definitions]
expose to uncover or reveal. [3 definitions]