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feeling the ability to sense things by touch. [3 definitions]
feel like to have a desire for or interest in.
feel up to (informal) to feel able to.
feet plural of foot.
feign to pretend or fake; put on a false show of.
feint a false movement that is meant to trick an opponent by taking attention away from the real target. [2 definitions]
feline having to do with cats, both house cats and cats that live in the wild. [3 definitions]
fell1 past tense of fall.
fell2 to cut or strike down. [2 definitions]
fellow a man or boy. [3 definitions]
fellowship the condition of being companions; company or friendship. [2 definitions]
felt1 past tense and past participle of feel.
felt2 a cloth made of wool or other animal fibers that have been pressed instead of woven together.
female any person or animal of the sex that produces eggs or gives birth to young. [4 definitions]
feminine of or having to do with a woman or girl; of the female sex.
fence a structure used to mark off an area or to keep animals or people in or out. [3 definitions]
fencing the art, sport, or practice of fighting with swords.
fender a metal guard over the wheel of a truck, car, or bicycle. [2 definitions]
ferment a substance that causes the chemical change of fermentation. [4 definitions]
fermentation the chemical change of a sugar into alcohol. Fermentation produces gas bubbles. [2 definitions]
fern a family of plants with large green leaves shaped like feathers. Ferns do not make flowers or seeds.