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floral of, having to do with, or made up of flowers.
Florida a state in the southeastern United States on the Atlantic Coast. Its capital is Tallahassee. (abbreviated: FL)
florist a person who works at growing, keeping, or arranging flowers and plants in order to sell them.
floss soft, silky thread used for sewing and embroidery. [4 definitions]
flounder1 to move forward in a clumsy way, often losing balance. [2 definitions]
flounder2 a flatfish that lives in the ocean. Flounder are used for food.
flour the fine, ground meal or powder of wheat or other grain. Flour is used to make bread, pasta, and other foods. [2 definitions]
flourish to grow in a strong, healthy way. [5 definitions]
flow to move in a smooth, steady stream. [4 definitions]
flow chart a chart or diagram that shows step-by-step how something grows, develops, or is made.
flower the part of a plant that has petals and that makes fruit or seeds; blossom. Flowers often have a pleasant smell. [3 definitions]
flown a past participle of fly1.
flu a short form of the word "influenza."
flue a hollow pipe inside a chimney that lets hot or cold air, smoke, or steam escape to the outside.
fluent able to speak or write easily and naturally.
fluff a soft, light material, or a mass of such a material. [2 definitions]
fluffy of, made of, or covered with fluff. [2 definitions]
fluid a liquid or gas. A fluid flows easily and takes the shape of the container that holds it. Water and air are fluids. [2 definitions]
fluke2 something that is accidental good luck.
flung past tense and past participle of fling.
fluorescent able to give off visible light after being exposed to a source of heat, light, or other form of energy.