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focus the point at which rays of light or heat come together or from which they seem to move away. [6 definitions]
fodder feed for farm animals, such as stalks of corn cut and mixed with hay.
foe one who wishes ill on another; personal enemy.
fog a thick mass, like a cloud, made up of tiny water drops floating in the air near the ground; mist. [4 definitions]
foggy full of or covered by fog. [2 definitions]
foghorn a loud, deep horn on a ship or on the shore, used in fog or at night to give warning signals.
foil2 a very thin, flexible sheet of a metal, such as aluminum.
-fold a suffix that means "multiplied by" or "times." [2 definitions]
fold1 to bend over upon itself so that one section lies on or against another section. [8 definitions]
fold2 an area within a fence or wall where sheep or other animals are kept.
folder a piece of paper or cardboard folded at the center. A folder can hold papers or letters. [3 definitions]
foliage leaves on a tree or other plant. [2 definitions]
folk a group of people who come from the same country and share the same kind of life. [5 definitions]
folk dance A dance made up and handed down by the common people of a region or country. [2 definitions]
folklore the stories and ways of a group of people from a certain place or country. Such stories and traditions are handed down through the years from one generation to the next.
folk music music made up and played by the common people of a region or country. Such music is often simple, with parts that are played over and over.
folk singer a singer of folk songs.
folk song a piece of folk music meant for singing.
folk tale a story that has been handed down for generations among the common people of a region.
follow to come or go after or behind. [6 definitions]
follower a person who believes in, studies, or supports the ideas of a teacher or other leader.