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follow up to act further to keep something from being forgotten.
folly a lack of good sense or judgment.
fond having or expressing tender or loving feelings. [2 definitions]
fondle to touch or stroke in a tender way.
font1 an open container that holds holy water for baptism.
font2 a complete set of type, all of the same size, style, or face.
food anything that contains nutrients and is eaten by living creatures in order to maintain life, health, and growth.
food chain a series of living beings in which each serves as food for the next.
food for thought something to be thought about or pondered.
food processor an electric kitchen appliance that has a container and different kinds of blades. It is used to grind, grate, chop, slice, or otherwise prepare food.
food web the interlocking food chains within an ecological community.
fool a person who does not have good sense or judgment. [6 definitions]
foolish not having good sense; silly.
foot the end part of the leg of humans and other animals, on which the body stands and walks. [3 definitions]
footage a portion of film, such as a scene from a movie or part of all the film that was shot at a particular event.
football a game played in the United States and Canada by two teams on a long field. Each team tries to score points by passing or carrying the ball to the other team's end of the playing area, or by kicking it through the goal posts. [4 definitions]
foothill a lower hill near the base of a mountain or group of mountains.
footing a firm base on which one can stand, build, or grow. [3 definitions]
footnote a note at the bottom of a page or the end of a chapter that explains a part of the main text.
footprint a mark pressed by a foot onto a surface, such as a step in wet sand or a print left by a muddy shoe.
footstep a single step with the foot, or the sound it makes. [2 definitions]