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fresh water water that is not salty.
fret1 to feel troubled or uneasy.
fret3 one of the ridges set across the neck of a stringed instrument such as a guitar or lute to mark where the fingers should press the strings for each note.
Fri. an abbreviation for Friday.
friar a man who is a member of a Roman Catholic order; monk.
friction the rubbing of objects against each other. [3 definitions]
Friday the sixth day of the week. Friday comes between Thursday and Saturday.
fried cooked in oil, butter, or some other fat. [2 definitions]
friend a person whom you know well and like and who likes you. [2 definitions]
friendly welcoming and pleasant toward others. [2 definitions]
friendship the state or condition of being a friend. [2 definitions]
fright strong fear caused by sudden danger. [2 definitions]
frighten to cause fear in; scare. [2 definitions]
frightened suddenly feeling fear.
frightening causing or capable of causing great fear or anxiety; scary.
frightful terrible or frightening. [2 definitions]
frigid very cold; freezing. [2 definitions]
fringe an edge of hanging threads, yarn, or strips of leather used to decorate clothing or drapes. [2 definitions]
Frisbee a trade name for a thin plastic disk that is thrown and caught in outdoor games.
frisk to leap or skip in a lively and happy way. [2 definitions]
frivolous likely to be too silly; lacking sense.