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German of or having to do with Germany, or its people, culture, or language. [3 definitions]
Germanic of or having to do with the language group that includes German, Dutch, English, and some other European languages.
German shepherd a breed of dog. German shepherds are large dogs that resemble wolves and have a thick brown or black coat. They are used as guard dogs and as guide dogs for blind people.
Germany a country in central, northern Europe. Germany was divided into East and West Germany from 1949 to 1990. Berlin is the capital of Germany.
germinate to start or cause to start growth; sprout.
gesture a movement of one's body or face that shows feeling or thought. [3 definitions]
get to receive; come to have; gain; acquire. [10 definitions]
get across to make or become clear; to explain or to become understood.
get along to survive or manage. [2 definitions]
getaway an escape, especially from the police.
get away with to avoid being caught or punished for doing something.
get even to pay another back for harm or mischief done; get revenge.
get in to go in; enter. [2 definitions]
get one's act together (informal) to behave more responsibly.
get out to leave or be let out (often followed by of). [2 definitions]
get over to recover from.
get rid of to remove, throw away, or give away something that is not wanted or needed.
get the show on the road (slang) to begin; get started.
get to first base to complete the first step towards reaching a goal; begin to succeed.
get up1 to stand up or sit up. [2 definitions]
get up on the wrong side of the bed to be in a bad mood from early in the day.