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halve to divide into two equal parts.
halves plural of half.
ham1 the meat from the rear leg of a hog. [2 definitions]
ham2 an actor who exaggerates his emotions and movements on stage. [2 definitions]
hamburger ground beef, or a round, flat patty of ground beef, or the sandwich in which such meat is commonly served after it is cooked..
Hamlet the title character in one of Shakespeare's plays. Hamlet is a prince who avenges his father's death by slaying the murderer.
hamlet a small village or settlement.
hammer a hand tool with a solid, heavy head on a handle. It is used to pound or to beat something into shape or place. [5 definitions]
hammock a swinging bed made of canvas or netting that is hung between two trees or poles.
hamper1 to get in the way of.
hamper2 a large basket or container with a cover, used to hold picnic supplies or dirty laundry.
hamster a very small mammal with a round body, short tail, and large pouches in its cheeks. Hamsters are rodents that live in burrows and come out at night to find food. They are often kept as pets or used in scientific experiments. Different kinds of wild hamsters live in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
hand the part on the end of the human arm. It is used for grasping or holding. [11 definitions]
hand- a prefix that means "for or by the hand."
handbag a bag or case used to carry small personal articles; purse.
handball a game in which a ball is batted against a wall or walls with the hand. Handball can be played by two or four players. [2 definitions]
handbook a book that gives information on a specific subject; manual.
handcuff one of two metal rings that are joined to each other by a short chain or bar. Handcuffs are locked around a prisoner's wrists. [2 definitions]
hand down to give to one's children or from one generation to another.
handful the amount that can be held in a single hand. [3 definitions]
handicap anything that makes things harder or keeps one from doing better. [3 definitions]