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hermit a person who lives alone and away from others. Often a person becomes a hermit in order to lead a religious life.
hero a person who is brave, good, and often looked up to by others. [2 definitions]
heroic of or having to do with a hero or heroes. [3 definitions]
heroin a drug made from a substance found in certain plants. Heroin is addictive and harmful. It is against the law to make, use, or possess heroin in the United States.
heroine a woman who is looked up to for her good character or fine actions. [2 definitions]
heron a wading bird with long legs, a long neck, and a long pointed bill. An egret is a kind of heron.
herring a small fish that lives in northern waters. Herring are used for food.
hers that or those belonging to her, done by her, or having to do with her.
herself her own self (used to show that an action is done to the same female who carries out the action). [3 definitions]
he's shortened form of "he is" or "he has."
hesitant not feeling sure; in doubt.
hesitate to stop or pause because of not feeling sure. [2 definitions]
hesitation the action of hesitating.
hexagon a flat, closed figure with six straight sides.
hey a word used to draw attention or to show surprise, mild delight, or anger.
Hg symbol of the chemical element mercury.
HI an abbreviation for Hawaii.
hi (informal) "Hello!"
hibernate to sleep through the winter in a den or burrow to save energy. Bears, snakes, and certain other animals hibernate.
hiccup a sudden uncontrolled taking in of breath that is also stopped very quickly. A squeaking sound is often produced along with it. A hiccup is caused when the muscles used to breathe tighten up. [3 definitions]
hickory a tree of the walnut family, found mostly in North America. The hickory has nuts that can be eaten and wood that is hard and useful. [2 definitions]