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hid past tense and a past participle of hide.
hidden placed out of sight; kept from view or from knowledge.
hide1 to put or hold out of sight; keep from view. [3 definitions]
hide2 the skin of one of the larger animals such as a buffalo or cow.
hide-and-seek a children's game in which one player tries to find the others, who are hiding.
hideous looking very ugly or frightening; disgusting.
hideout a place where a person can hide from the police or other people.
hieroglyphic having to do with writing that uses pictures and symbols to stand for words or sounds. [2 definitions]
high reaching up a great distance; tall. [8 definitions]
high jump a contest in which each person jumps over a bar which is raised after each successful jump.
highland land that is higher than the area around it. [2 definitions]
highly in a way that shows praise or respect. [3 definitions]
highness (capital) a title of honor used when speaking to or about a royal person. (usually preceded by "His", "Her", or "Your").
high-rise a tall building that has many stories.
high school a school that begins with grades nine or ten and ends with grade twelve.
high seas the area of a sea or ocean outside the control of any country.
high-strung very nervous; easily upset; usually tense.
high-tech see high technology. [2 definitions]
high tide the highest point reached by a tide, or the time of day when this happens.
highway a major public road on which one can drive at high speeds, especially between cities.
highwayman someone who robbed people travelling on roads in the 1700s and 1800s. Highwaymen usually rode horses and held up people riding in coaches.