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homeroom a classroom where students meet at the beginning of the school day for attendance and announcements.
home run a hit that allows the batter in a baseball game to touch all four bases and score a run.
homesick longing for one's home.
homespun made into cloth or spun into yarn at home. [3 definitions]
homestead a house and the land and buildings that are around it; a farm. [2 definitions]
homeward to or toward home. [2 definitions]
homework schoolwork that is to be done at home rather than at school.
hominy a food made of kernels of dried corn that are ground and then cooked with water.
homogenize to break up and blend the particles of fat in.
homograph a word that has the same spelling as another but a different meaning and history. Homographs are often pronounced differently from each other. In the sentence, "She shed a tear over the tear in her dress," the two words spelled "t-e-a-r" are homographs.
homonym a word that is pronounced and often spelled the same as another word, but has a different meaning. In the sentence, "She was mean to me, but she didn't mean it," the two instances of "mean" are homonyms.
homophone a word that sounds the same as another but has a different meaning and often a different spelling. In the sentence, "I've been feeling weak for almost a week," the words, "weak" and "week" are homophones.
Honduras a country in Central America. Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras.
honest truthful, real or sincere. [4 definitions]
honestly in an honest way. [2 definitions]
honesty the fact or condition of being honest; integrity; truthfulness.
honey a thick, sweet liquid made from flower nectar by bees. It is yellow or brown. [2 definitions]
honeybee a bee that makes honey from the nectar of flowers. Honeybees are often kept in beehives.
honeycomb a group of many small cells made of wax in which bees store their honey. Each cell has thin walls and six sides. [3 definitions]
honeydew melon a melon with a smooth rind that is light green in color and that has sweet, green flesh.
honeymoon a vacation or trip taken by a couple to celebrate their marriage. [2 definitions]