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ignorance lack of education or information.
ignorant without knowledge or education. [2 definitions]
ignore to refuse to recognize or fail to take notice of; pay no attention to.
iguana a large lizard found mostly in the warmer parts of Central and South America. Many iguanas have a ridge of spines down the middle of the back. Unlike other lizards, iguanas eat only plants.
IL an abbreviation for Illinois.
il-2 a prefix that means "not" or "without." It is used before words that start with the letter L.
I'll shortened form of "I will."
ill not healthy; sick. [6 definitions]
ill at ease causing uncomfortable feelings; uneasy.
illegal against the law or rules; not lawful.
illegible difficult or impossible to read.
Illinois a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is Springfield. (abbreviated: IL)
illiterate not able to read or write.
illness the condition of being ill; sickness. [2 definitions]
illogical not logical or reasonable.
illuminate to light up; make bright with light. [4 definitions]
illusion a fantasy or mistaken idea. [2 definitions]
illustrate to explain or make clear by giving examples. [2 definitions]
illustration a picture or drawing used to explain or decorate a book or other written material. [2 definitions]
illustrator an artist who makes illustrations for books or other written works.
ill will unfriendly feelings; dislike.