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impression a strong feeling, idea, or opinion that comes from experience with something. [3 definitions]
impressive having a lasting effect on the mind or feelings; making a strong impression.
imprint a mark or design made by pressing or printing on a surface. [4 definitions]
imprison to put or keep in a prison.
improper not correct. [2 definitions]
improper fraction a fraction in which the denominator is smaller than the numerator.
improve to make better. [2 definitions]
improved made better; of a higher quality.
improvement the act of improving or the condition of being improved. [2 definitions]
improvise to make up while one is performing; perform without planning or practice. [2 definitions]
impudent not showing respect; bold and rude.
impulse a sudden wish or desire that makes a person want to do something. [2 definitions]
impulsive acting without thinking or planning. [2 definitions]
impure mixed with something that is harmful; polluted or not pure.
IN an abbreviation for Indiana.
in surrounded or contained by; living or located at. [7 definitions]
in-1 a prefix that means "in," "on," or "into."
in-2 a prefix that means "not" or "without."
inability lack of ability or power to do something.
inaccurate not correct, true, or exact.
inadequate not enough; not good enough.