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in love the condition of having a very strong romantic attraction and liking for someone and a strong desire to be with that person (often followed by "with.")
inn a small hotel for people who are travelling.
inner located inside. [2 definitions]
inning the unit of a baseball of softball game during which each side has a turn at bat.
innkeeper the owner or manager of an inn.
innocence the condition of being innocent. [2 definitions]
innocent free from evil or knowledge of evil. [3 definitions]
innovation a new idea, product, or way to do something.
inoculate to inject with a very small amount of a disease to help resist that disease in the future.
in one ear and out the other heard, but with little or no attention paid.
in one's pocket under one's control.
in one's shirt sleeves not wearing a coat.
in one's stocking feet wearing socks or stockings but no shoes.
in order to for the purpose of; so that.
in person being actually present, rather than on the phone or radio, in pictures, or in the movies.
in private with no one else near; privately or secretly.
in progress in the process of happening; taking place; occurring.
in public where other people are present, especially in large numbers.
input information that is put into a computer. [3 definitions]
in question that is being considered or argued about.
inquire to ask a question in order to receive information (usually followed by "about" or "of").