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invisible not able to be seen; not visible.
invitation the act of inviting.
invite to ask in a polite way to come somewhere or do something. [3 definitions]
involuntary not caused or decided by one's own choice, will, or wish. [2 definitions]
involve to have as a necessary part or result; include. [3 definitions]
involved complicated because made up of many different connected parts or steps; intricate; complex.
inward in or toward the inside or center. [2 definitions]
inwardly on, in, or toward the inside. [2 definitions]
iodine a substance that is one of the chemical elements. Iodine combines easily with other elements. It is found in salt water and seaweed. Iodine is poisonous in its pure crystal form. (symbol: I) [2 definitions]
-ion a suffix that means "an act" or "a process." [2 definitions]
ion an atom or group of atoms that has an electrical charge.
Iowa a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is Des Moines. (abbreviated: IA)
Iran a country in southwestern Asia. Tehran is the capital of Iran.
Iranian of or having to do with Iran or its people, culture, or the like; Persian. [2 definitions]
Iraq a country in southwestern Asia. Baghdad is the capital of Iraq.
Iraqi of or having to do with the country of Iraq or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
irate very angry.
Ireland an island in western Europe. Ireland is in the northern Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain. [2 definitions]
iridescent emitting or reflecting a lustrous play of colors covering the spectrum, like a rainbow. [2 definitions]
iris the colored circle around the pupil of the eye. [2 definitions]
Irish of or having to do with Ireland, or its people, culture, or language. [3 definitions]