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kind1 helpful; friendly; good. [2 definitions]
kind2 a group of things, people, or animals that are thought of together because of like characteristics. [3 definitions]
kindergarten a program for very young children. Kindergarten teaches some of the activities that are done in school.
kindle1 to build or start (a fire). [3 definitions]
kindling dry material that burns easily and is used to start a fire.
kindly showing or having kindness. [3 definitions]
kindness the quality of being kind. [2 definitions]
kind of (informal) somewhat or in some way; rather.
king a male head of a royal family who rules a country for life. [4 definitions]
kingdom a country that is ruled by a king or queen. [2 definitions]
kingfisher a bird with a large head, strong beak, and bright markings. Kingfishers often have a crest on their head. They live near water and eat fish or insects.
king-size larger than the usual size. [2 definitions]
kink a tight curl or twist. [4 definitions]
Kiribati an island country in the central part of the Pacific Ocean. It lies northeast of Australia. The capital of Kiribati is South Tarawa.
kiss to touch or press with the lips as a sign of love, friendship, passion, or respect. [3 definitions]
kit1 a collection of items for a particular use. [3 definitions]
kit2 the young of certain fur-bearing animals, such as beavers, foxes, and rabbits. [2 definitions]
kitchen a room where food is stored and cooked.
kitchenette a very small kitchen.
kite a light frame covered with paper, plastic, or cloth that is flown in the air at the end of a long string. Some kites are very plain, and some have a lot of color and decoration. [2 definitions]
kitten a very young cat.