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Korean of or having to do with the people, culture, or language of North and South Korea. [2 definitions]
kosher prepared according to Jewish laws of food. [2 definitions]
Kr symbol of the chemical element krypton.
krypton a gas that is a chemical element. Krypton does not combine easily with other elements. (symbol: Kr)
KS an abbreviation for Kansas.
Kuwait a country in southwestern Asia at the northern end of the Persian Gulf. Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait. The capital is also called Al Kuwait.
kwanza the main unit of money in Angola.
Kwanzaa an African-American festival, celebrating family, community, and culture, held from December 26 to January 1.
KY an abbreviation for Kentucky.
Kyrgyzstan a Central Asian country bordered by China and Kazakhstan. The capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek.
l1 an abbreviation for liter or liters.
l2 the twelfth letter of the English alphabet.
LA an abbreviation for Louisiana.
la the syllable that indicates the sixth tone of a musical scale.
lab1 a short form of laboratory.
label a piece of paper or cloth that is attached to an object. A label gives information about what the object contains, how to use it, or who owns it. [4 definitions]
labor hard work or effort. [5 definitions]
laboratory a place used for scientific investigation and experiments. [3 definitions]
Labor Day a holiday in the United States and Canada to honor the labor of working people. Labor Day is the first Monday in September.
labor union a group of workers that help and protect each other's interests. Labor unions ask employers to improve wages and working conditions.
labour a spelling of "labor" used in Canada and Britain. See "labor" for more information.