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loganberry a prickly plant grown for its berries. [2 definitions]
logger a person who works in logging; lumberjack.
logic a way of solving a problem that uses careful thought and reasoning.
-logical a suffix that means "related to the study of."
logical in accord with the rules of logic. [3 definitions]
logo a company's name, trademark, or symbol.
log on to enter a computer system with a password.
-logy a suffix that means "the science or study of."
loin the part of the body on either side of the spine between the ribs and the hip. [2 definitions]
loiter to stand around idly.
loll to stand, sit, or lie in a lazy or relaxed manner; lounge. [2 definitions]
lollipop a piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick.
London the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.
lone without others; alone. [3 definitions]
lonely without company; alone. [3 definitions]
lonesome sad because of being alone. [2 definitions]
long1 having greater than usual length in distance or time. [6 definitions]
long2 to want very much (often followed by "for").
long distance telephone service that is not local.
longhand writing done by hand in which words are written out in full.
longhorn a breed of cattle with very long horns. Longhorns were once raised in the southwestern United States for their meat but are now rare.