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meatball chopped or ground meat that is seasoned, shaped into a small ball, and cooked, often in a sauce.
mechanic a worker who is skilled in making, using, and repairing tools, machines, and motors.
mechanical made of or having to do with machines. [3 definitions]
mechanism the whole or parts of a machine, mechanical system, or device. [2 definitions]
medal a flat, small piece of metal that has a design or words stamped on it, used as an honor or reward.
meddle to take part in matters that concern someone else, without being asked; interfere.
media1 a plural of medium. [2 definitions]
mediaeval another spelling of medieval.
median the middle value in a series of numbers. [2 definitions]
medic1 a medical doctor, intern, or student.
medical of or having to do with the study or practice of medicine.
medication a medicine or drug. [2 definitions]
medicine a drug or other substance used to treat a disease, injury, pain, or other symptoms. [2 definitions]
medicine man a person who heals, or is thought to have spiritual powers, among North American Indians and some other peoples.
medieval of, or having to do with the Middle Ages.
meditate to think calmly, deeply, and at length (sometimes followed by "on" or "upon"). [2 definitions]
Mediterranean see "Mediterranean Sea."
Mediterranean Sea a large sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Europe on the north, Asia on the east, and Africa on the south.
medium a substance that is a means of passing on a force or an effect. [6 definitions]
medley a musical piece that uses the melodies from several different pieces of music. [2 definitions]
meek doing what others want; not standing up for oneself; tame. [2 definitions]