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menace that which presents a danger or threat. [2 definitions]
mend to repair or fix. [4 definitions]
menorah a candlestick with seven or nine branches, used in Jewish worship.
-ment a suffix that shows an action or process. [2 definitions]
mental of or having to do with the operation of the mind. [3 definitions]
mentally with the mind; in the mind.
mention to speak of briefly or in passing. [2 definitions]
mentor someone who plays an important role in another person's life as a guide and teacher.
menu a list of foods served at a restaurant.
meow the sound made by a cat. [2 definitions]
merchandise goods for buying and selling.
merchant one who buys goods and sells them for a profit. [3 definitions]
merchant marine the ships of a country that are used in business or trade. [2 definitions]
mercury a heavy, silver-white metal that is one of the chemical elements. Mercury is liquid at room temperature. It is used in thermometers and barometers. (symbol: Hg) [3 definitions]
mercy kind treatment by someone who has some power over another. [2 definitions]
mere being neither more nor better than what is spoken of.
merely only as indicated; simply.
merge to mix or combine into a single unit.
merger the combining of two or more companies into one, or the transfer of the property of one company to another.
meridian an imaginary circle around the earth that passes through the North and the South Pole, or either half of such a circle from one pole to the other. [2 definitions]
merit worth or high quality. [3 definitions]