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Middle East the region along the southeastern and eastern border of the Mediterranean Sea, from Libya in North Africa to Afghanistan in Asia.
Middle English the English language as it was spoken and written between the years 1100 and 1500.
Middle West see Midwest.
midget a very small person with the same body proportions as a normal adult; dwarf.
midland the interior part of a region or country. [2 definitions]
midnight twelve o'clock at night.
midst1 the middle of a situation or event. [2 definitions]
midway halfway between; in the middle. [2 definitions]
Midwest the north central part of the United States from the Rocky Mountains through Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri; Middle West.
might1 used to show that something is possible. [2 definitions]
might2 great force or power; ability.
mighty having or showing great power or strength. [2 definitions]
migrant moving from place to place. [3 definitions]
migrate to move from one region into another. [2 definitions]
migration the act or process of migrating.
mild gentle or calm. [3 definitions]
mildew a fungus that grows on plants and materials made from living things. Mildews often look like powder.
mile a unit of length equal to 5,280 feet or 1.609 kilometers. (abbreviated: mi.) [2 definitions]
mileage distance in miles. [2 definitions]
milestone a stone or mark that shows the distance in miles to a specific place. [2 definitions]
military having to do with war. [3 definitions]