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misbehave to act or behave badly.
miscalculate to calculate or judge incorrectly.
miscellaneous made up of many different kinds.
mischief bad behavior that is often playful but can be annoying or dangerous to others. [2 definitions]
mischievous tending to behave in an annoying or mildly harmful way. [2 definitions]
misconduct wrong behavior or conduct.
miscount to count incorrectly. [2 definitions]
miser a greedy, stingy person who lives in a poor way in order to save money.
miserable very unhappy; wretched. [3 definitions]
misery a condition in which one is very unhappy or suffers very much. [2 definitions]
misfortune an instance of something very bad or unlucky happening. [2 definitions]
misgiving a feeling of worry, doubt, or fear.
misguided led into making mistakes or doing the wrong thing.
mishap an unlucky event; accident.
mislay to put somewhere and forget where; lose.
mislead to guide in a wrong direction. [2 definitions]
misplace to put in a wrong place; lose.
misprint a mistake in printing.
mispronounce to pronounce the wrong way.
misread to read or understand incorrectly.
miss1 to fail to hit, catch, reach, cross, or touch. [8 definitions]