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momentous very important.
momentum strength of movement.
Mon. an abbreviation for Monday.
Monaco a tiny Mediterranean country almost completely surrounded by France. The capital of Monaco is also called Monaco.
monarch a ruler such as a king, queen, or emperor. [2 definitions]
monarchy a nation or government ruled by or in the name of a king or queen. A monarch's power is either limited by a constitution or unlimited.
monastery a community of monks, or the buildings used by such a community.
Monday the second day of the week. Monday comes between Sunday and Tuesday.
monetary having to do with currency or money.
money the coins or paper notes of a country used to buy things or pay for services.
Mongol a person who was born in or is a citizen of Mongolia. [3 definitions]
Mongolia a country in eastern Asia. Mongolia is also called the Republic of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar, also called Ulan Bator, is the capital of Mongolia. [2 definitions]
mongoose a mammal related to the ferret, known for its ability to kill poisonous snakes.
mongrel a plant or animal that is a mix of two or more breeds or kinds.
monitor a student given the task of helping to keep order within a school. [5 definitions]
monk a man who has joined other men in a religious community and taken vows to live a simple life.
monkey a small mammal that is one of the primates. Monkeys have very flexible hands and feet. Some kinds of monkeys have tails which they use to hang from trees. Different kinds of monkeys live in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. [3 definitions]
monkey wrench a tool with a jaw that can be adjusted to grip different sizes of nuts and bolts.
monogram a design made from two or more initials. A monogram is used to mark or decorate things such as a person's clothing or writing paper. [2 definitions]
monologue a long speech or reading given by a single speaker. [2 definitions]
monopolize to get or keep sole control of; have for oneself alone; take over.