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monotone speech with little or no change in tone.
monotonous not interesting because of having to do the same thing over and over.
monsieur the French title for a man meaning "Mister" or "Sir."
monsoon a wind system of the Indian Ocean that blows from the southwest in the summer and the northeast in the winter. The southwest monsoon brings with it a season of heavy rain.
monster a large, frightening imaginary creature. [4 definitions]
monstrous so ugly that it is scary. [3 definitions]
Montana a state in the northwestern United States. Its capital is Helena. (abbreviated: MT)
Montenegro a country on the Balkan Peninsula lying next to the Adriatic Sea and bordered by the countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica.
month one of the twelve parts of a year.
monthly showing up or happening once a month. [4 definitions]
monument something built in memory of a person, event, or special deed. [2 definitions]
moo to make the long, low sound of a cow. [2 definitions]
mood1 the way a person feels at a certain time.
moody having moods that change often or without a pattern. [2 definitions]
moon the earth's natural satellite. It revolves around the earth from west to east in about 28 days. The moon joins the earth in its orbit around the sun. The moon does not give off light. Instead, its shine comes from the light it reflects from the sun. [2 definitions]
moonbeam a ray of light from the moon.
moonlight the light of the moon.
moor1 an area of land that is open and wet. Heather and other plants that need acid soil grow on moors.
moor2 to fix in place with cables or lines. [2 definitions]
moose the largest kind of deer. Male moose have very large antlers that are shaped like a hand with spread fingers. Moose are mammals with hooves. They live in the northern United States and in Canada. Moose also live in northern Europe and Asia, where they are called elk.
mop a tool with rags, a sponge, or yarn attached to one end of a long handle. A mop is used to wash floors or decks. [3 definitions]