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moving that changes place or position. [3 definitions]
mow1 to cut down with a blade or machine. [2 definitions]
mower a machine for mowing grass or a person who mows.
mown a past participle of mow1.
Mozambique a country in southeastern Africa. Maputo is the capital of Mozambique.
M.P. an abbreviation for "Member of Parliament."
mpg an abbreviation for "miles per gallon."
mph an abbreviation for "miles per hour."
Mr. an abbreviation for Mister, which is used before a man's name.
Mrs. an abbreviation for Mistress, which is used before a married woman's name.
MS1 an abbreviation for Mississippi.
Ms. a title of respect often used before a woman's last name.
MT an abbreviation for Montana.
Mt. an abbreviation for mount, or mountain.
much great in degree, number, or amount. [4 definitions]
mucilage a sticky substance used as glue.
mucus a slimy, slightly sticky material that coats and protects certain parts of the body, such as the inside of the nose and throat.
mud wet earth that has been turned soft and sticky.
muddle to cause to be confused; mix up. [4 definitions]
muddy covered with or full of mud. [2 definitions]
muff a tube made of warm, heavy cloth or fur. People hold their hands inside the muff to keep them warm.