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ninth coming next after the eighth in a series. [3 definitions]
nip1 to press sharply between two points; bite or pinch. [6 definitions]
nip in the bud to keep from growing or happening; stop at an early stage.
nipple the rounded tip at the center of a mammal's breast. [2 definitions]
nitrogen a gas with no color or smell that is one of the chemical elements. Nitrogen makes up about eighty percent of the earth's atmosphere, and it is also found in all living things. (symbol: N)
NJ an abbreviation for New Jersey.
NM an abbreviation for New Mexico.
no1 not so. [4 definitions]
no2 not any. [2 definitions]
no. an abbreviation of number.
nobility a class of people of noble rank. [2 definitions]
noble belonging to a class of people with a high rank or title. [4 definitions]
nobleman a man of high rank or title.
noblewoman a woman of high rank or title.
nobody no one; no person; not anybody. [2 definitions]
nocturnal happening in the night. [2 definitions]
nod to move the head up and down as to show greeting or approval. [4 definitions]
no doubt certainly.
noise sound or a sound. [2 definitions]
noisy making a lot of noise. [2 definitions]
nomad a member of a group or tribe that has no fixed home and moves from place to place. [2 definitions]