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nuclei plural of nucleus.
nucleus the central, essential, or most active part around which other parts are grouped. [3 definitions]
nude not wearing clothes. [3 definitions]
nudge to push gently or touch with the elbow to attract attention. [2 definitions]
nugget a small, solid lump.
nuisance a person or thing that is annoying.
numb not able to feel; lacking in feeling or movement. [3 definitions]
number a unit in math with a fixed value that is used in counting or to tell the position of something in a series. Four, four tenths, and four hundred are all numbers. Numbers can also be written in numerals: 4, 0.4, 400. [9 definitions]
number plate the British word for a small metal sign on a car, truck, or other vehicle indicating that the vehicle is legal to drive on public roads. Number plate has the same meaning as license plate.
numeral one or more symbols or marks used to express or represent a number.
numerator the number in a fraction that is above the division line, over the denominator.
numerical of or having to do with numbers.
numerous being in great number; many. [2 definitions]
nun1 a woman who is a member of a religious order. Nuns promise to live simply, not marry, and obey God. Many nuns live in convents.
Nunavut a territory in northern Canada. Its capital is Iqaluit.
nurse a person who is trained to care for sick and injured people. [4 definitions]
nursery a room where babies or young children sleep or play. [3 definitions]
nursery school a school for children before they go to kindergarten.
nurse's office in a school, the office of the school's nurse, where students go for help if they are injured or do not feel well during school.
nut a dry seed or fruit made up of a kernel or meat contained in a hard, tough shell. The kernel or meat of nuts is often used as food. [4 definitions]
nutcracker a tool for cracking the shell of a nut.