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offhand done without thinking or preparing ahead of time.
office a place where business or professional work is done. [3 definitions]
office building a building that contains only or mostly business offices.
officer a person holding a position of trust and responsibility in a business, organization, or government agency. [3 definitions]
official a person who holds an office in a business organization or a government. [4 definitions]
off-road of a type of vehicle used away from streets and highways.
offset to make up for or balance.
offshoot a branch or shoot from the main stem of a plant. [2 definitions]
offshore away from the shore. [3 definitions]
offspring the child or young of a particular human, animal, or plant.
off the air not broadcast on radio or television.
off the beaten path in a place that is hard to reach or not visited often.
off the beaten track in a place difficult to reach or not often visited.
off the cuff (informal) done without planning or thinking ahead.
off the track not related to the point or issue.
often at many times; frequently.
ogre an ugly giant or monster in folk tales and children's stories. Ogres are said to eat people. [2 definitions]
OH an abbreviation for Ohio.
oh a word used to express surprise, pain, or other feelings.
Ohio a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is Columbus. (abbreviated: OH) [2 definitions]
oil any one of the greasy liquids that come from minerals, animals, plants or chemicals. Oil can be dissolved in alcohol, but not water. [3 definitions]