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old-fashioned looking or being like past styles, manners, or ways of behaving. [2 definitions]
Old Testament the Christian name for the writings that make up the first major part of the Bible. The Old Testament is also part of the Hebrew scriptures.
Old World the Eastern Hemisphere, which includes Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.
oleomargarine a food like butter made from vegetable oil instead of milk; margarine.
olive a small green or black fruit with a pit. Olives are eaten raw or used to make olive oil. [4 definitions]
olive oil oil pressed from ripe olives. Olive oil is used for cooking.
Olympic of or relating to the Olympic Games.
Olympus a mountain in northern Greece, believed in ancient times to be the place where the gods lived; Mount Olympus.
Oman a country on the Indian Ocean northeast of Yemen and east of Saudi Arabia. The capital of Oman is Muscat.
omelet a food made from beaten eggs that are cooked into a single sheet and often folded over a filling of vegetables, meat, or cheese.
omen something that is believed to be a sign of future good or evil.
ominous giving a sign of future evil or trouble.
omit to leave out; not include.
omnivore an animal that lives on a diet of both plant and animal food.
omnivorous living on a diet of both plant and animal food.
on above and supported by. [20 definitions]
on account of because of.
on a dime (informal) with great quickness or accuracy.
on and on for too long a time.
on an even keel in balance or stable.
once at one time in the past; formerly. [4 definitions]