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on the contrary not agreeing with something already said.
on the dot (informal) exactly on time; punctually.
on the double (informal) right away; immediately.
on the house free, as a gift from a business.
on the mend getting better after an injury.
on the off chance with the very slight possibility; against the slight hope.
on the shelf not in use at the present time; put aside until later.
on the sly secretly; in a crafty way.
on the spot at once; immediately. [2 definitions]
on the spur of the moment without much thought.
on the whole all things considered; in general.
on tiptoe standing or walking on the toes, especially to proceed quietly or cautiously. [2 definitions]
onto to a position on or on top of. [2 definitions]
on top of in total control of. [3 definitions]
onward toward a point or position ahead in space or time. [2 definitions]
ooze1 to leak out slowly. Liquids, gases, and sounds may ooze.
opal a mineral that is white, black, blue, or yellow. Opals are used as gems.
opaque not letting light pass through. [2 definitions]
OPEC an association made up of several Arab nations that sell the oil they produce to other countries. OPEC is an abbreviation for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
open allowing something or someone to pass through or to get to the inside; not shut or closed. [16 definitions]
opener someone or something that opens. [3 definitions]