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ostrich a large, powerful African bird that can run very fast but cannot fly. It has two toes on each foot and no feathers on its long legs and neck.
other different from the one or ones mentioned. [8 definitions]
otherwise in a different manner or other way. [3 definitions]
Ottawa the capital city of Canada. Ottawa is in the province of Ontario. [2 definitions]
otter a mammal with brown fur, a long body, short legs, and webbed feet. Otters live in the water where they eat fish, frogs, and other water animals. Different kinds of otters are found in most parts of the world. They live in groups and are very playful. Otters are related to skunks, badgers, and other kinds of weasels.
ouch a word used to express sudden pain.
ought used to express the need to do something because of duty or responsibility. [3 definitions]
ounce1 a unit of weight equal to one sixteenth of a pound or 28.350 grams. (abbreviated: oz.) [3 definitions]
our belonging to, done by, or having to do with us.
ours the one or ones that belong to, are done by, or have to do with us.
ourselves our own selves (used to show that an action is done to the same people who are doing the action). [3 definitions]
-ous a suffix that means "having much" or "full of."
oust to force out; expel.
out beyond the limits; away. [13 definitions]
out- a prefix that means "out," "outside," or "outward." [2 definitions]
outboard motor a small gasoline engine with a propeller, which is attached to the stern of a boat.
outbreak a sudden breaking out. [2 definitions]
outburst a sudden coming forth of strong feeling.
outcast one who is driven out or rejected by society or a group.
outcome a result of something.
outcry a loud cry, shout, or uproar. [2 definitions]