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outdid past tense of outdo.
outdo to do more or better than.
outdone past participle of outdo.
outdoor used or happening in the open air.
outdoors in the open air; outside. [2 definitions]
outer of or having to do with the part most distant from the center.
outer space region beyond the atmosphere of the earth.
outfield the area of a baseball or softball field beyond the infield. [2 definitions]
outfit a set of equipment for a particular activity. [4 definitions]
outgoing going out or leaving. [2 definitions]
outgrew past tense of outgrow.
outgrow to grow too big or old for. [3 definitions]
outgrown past participle of outgrow.
outhouse a small shed used for an outdoor toilet.
outing a trip away from home or school for pleasure; field trip.
outlaw a person who often breaks the law; criminal. [2 definitions]
outlet an opening through which something is let out or allowed to escape; vent. [4 definitions]
outline a line or shape showing the outside edge of a figure or object. [4 definitions]
outlook what may come in the future. [2 definitions]
outlying away from the center of something; distant.
outnumber to be larger in number than.