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pertain to relate to or have to do with something. [2 definitions]
pertinent having to do with or connected to a subject; relevant.
Peru a country in western South America. Lima is the capital of Peru.
peso the main unit of money of Mexico, Cuba, and several other countries.
pessimistic feeling in a negative way about things; expecting the worst to happen.
pest someone or something that annoys or bothers; nuisance.
pester to bother again and again.
pesticide a chemical substance used to kill insects that harm plants and crops.
pestle a tool used for grinding or pounding substances into powder in a bowl called a mortar.
pet1 a tame animal people keep in their homes as a companion or for pleasure. [4 definitions]
petal one of the separate leaves that form the outer part of a flower head. Petals are usually a different color from the plant's other leaves.
petition a formal, written request by many people that is made to a person in authority. [2 definitions]
petrify to turn into stone. Minerals left behind by water petrify wood by replacing woods cells when they die. [2 definitions]
petrol the British word for the flammable liquid used mainly as fuel for engines. Petrol has the same meaning as gasoline.
petroleum a thick oil found by drilling beneath the earth's surface. Petroleum is made into gasoline, heating oil, and other products.
petticoat a skirt worn under an outer skirt; slip.
petty of little importance or interest. [2 definitions]
petunia a common garden plant that has flowers shaped like trumpets.
pew a church bench with a back and arms at the ends. Pews are arranged in rows facing the front of the church.
pewter a metal made from tin, copper, and other metals. Pewter looks like silver and is used to make plates, candlesticks, and other objects that are both useful and beautiful.
pg. an abbreviation for page.