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petunia a common garden plant that has flowers shaped like trumpets.
pew a church bench with a back and arms at the ends. Pews are arranged in rows facing the front of the church.
pewter a metal made from tin, copper, and other metals. Pewter looks like silver and is used to make plates, candlesticks, and other objects that are both useful and beautiful.
pg. an abbreviation for page.
phantom a ghost or something else that seems real, but is not real.
pharaoh a king of ancient Egypt.
pharmacist a person who is trained to prepare and sell drugs and medicine in keeping with the orders of a doctor.
pharmacy a place in a store or hospital in which drugs are prepared and sold; drugstore.
phase a particular stage in a cycle of development or process of change. [2 definitions]
Ph.D. a degree that is earned following college after several years of additional study and the completion of a major research project. Ph.D. is an abbreviation for Latin words which mean Doctor of Philosophy.
pheasant a large bird with a long tail and bright feathers.
phenomenal amazing or extraordinary.
phenomenon a happening or fact that can be seen or known through the senses. [2 definitions]
Philippine of or having to do with the Philippines, their people, culture, languages, or the like.
Philippines an island country in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of southeastern Asia. Manila is the capital of the Philippines.
philodendron a tropical American climbing plant, grown indoors.
philosopher one who studies the nature of life, truth, knowledge, and other important human matters.
philosophy the study of the nature of life, truth, knowledge, and other important human matters, [2 definitions]
phlox a North American plant that bears groups of white, purple, or red flowers. [2 definitions]
phobia a very strong fear or dislike of something that is far beyond ordinary fear or dislike.
Phoenix the capital of Arizona.