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proposal a suggested plan. [2 definitions]
propose to present or suggest as an idea to be considered. [3 definitions]
proposition a suggested plan of action. [2 definitions]
propulsion the act of causing forward movement, or the condition of being moved forward.
prose writing or speech in its usual form of a series of sentences. Most language that is not poetry can be described as prose. Novels, short stories, essays, and letters are examples of writing done in prose.
prosecute to begin or carry on a court action against in order to enforce the law.
prospect something that is expected or very likely to happen. [4 definitions]
prospector a person who prospects, or searches, for precious minerals and metals.
prosper to be successful or have good luck; thrive.
prosperity the state of being wealthy and successful.
prosperous having wealth, success, or good fortune.
protect to defend or keep safe; shield from danger or harm.
protection the act of keeping something safe from harm or the condition of being protected. [2 definitions]
protective protecting or made to protect.
protein a substance that is made up of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and possibly other elements. Proteins are found in all living things and are a necessary part of life processes.
protest an expression of being against something; objection; complaint. [4 definitions]
Protestant a Christian who belongs to a church other than the Catholic Church or an Eastern Orthodox church.
proton a tiny particle in the nucleus of an atom. A proton has a positive electrical charge.
protoplasm a substance that is like a jelly and is a necessary part of plant and animal cells.
protozoan a tiny living thing that is similar to an animal but has only one cell or lives as a colony of single cells. Protozoans include amoebas and paramecia.
protrude to push or stick out.